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How to write a CV tailored to a specific job

On your CV, you’ll want to present yourself in the best way possible. Yet this can make knowing how to write a CV challenging, as while you’ll want to use lots of excellent ways to describe yourself and your abilities, it’s important that it’s relevant to the specific job you are applying for. One method … Continue reading "How to write a CV tailored to a specific job"

Tips On Answering Difficult Interview Questions

So, you followed the right tips and your CV got noticed by an employer and impressed them enough to invite you for an interview. However, the next time thing that worries job hunters is the interview itself or any difficult interview questions that might come up. While many interviews can go well for the most … Continue reading "Tips On Answering Difficult Interview Questions"

How to make the most of limited space on your CV

Whilst having a lengthy CV with all your skills, experiences and hobbies might seem necessary to ensure an employer knows all the best things about you, in reality, this can put people off your CV. With so many to go through, managers like CVs that they can read easily as lengthy ones won’t maintain their … Continue reading "How to make the most of limited space on your CV"

Writing a CV for your first job

You’ve earned your relevant qualifications or carried out the work experience needed to get a feel for the world you want to work in. However, when you’re young, writing your CV can be a daunting prospect. A lot of people feel they don’t have enough valuable information, skills or experience to include on their CV, … Continue reading "Writing a CV for your first job"

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