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Common CV Mistakes Solved!

When working on your CV, a lot of anxiety often arises when trying to make your skills and personality stand out. You want what you have written to comply with the best CV practises possible. Therefore, DYWAJ have come up with the biggest CV mistakes and how to avoid them in order to improve your … Continue reading "Common CV Mistakes Solved!"

DYWAJ Tips To Finding A New Career Path Through Your Passion

When you are struggling to find your next job role, you’ll frequently hear your close friends and family advise you to “just follow your passion” as ask, “well what do you like doing?” However, DYWAJ know first hand that this can be the moment of ultimate panic; ‘what is my passion?’, ‘How am I going … Continue reading "DYWAJ Tips To Finding A New Career Path Through Your Passion"

What job role does your personality suit?

Having the ability to match your personality with a job role can save a considerable amount of work stress in time to come! But how are you expected to know which career is appropriate for your unique personality if you only hold the knowledge of one or two job roles? DYWAJ are here to help … Continue reading "What job role does your personality suit?"

Best Interview Questions for Employers to Ask

Do you have any favourite interview questions you ask every single job applicant? If so, you’re not alone! We have spoken to the experts and it seems every seasoned interviewer has developed a shortlist of the best interview questions. In fact, we have mastered the act of asking short and sweet questions that give you … Continue reading "Best Interview Questions for Employers to Ask"

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